Blogging and Me: How it all Started?

02. December 2017 Blogging 0
Blogging and Me: How it all Started?

Blogging: How it started for Me? I still remember getting into Delhi Technological University, with the Branch of my second choice. Yes, Mechanical Engineering is what had my aim, but not my efforts. Anyway, I always used to love Chemistry and Polymer Science and Chemical Technology seemed to be a Subject that would nurture the same. So, yes the First Year began, a little late for me. Others were ahead and I had to face the exams within the first 7 Days of my admission (Perks of getting in, in the 6th Round of counseling). Well, they came and went and in the Finals, I failed 3 Subjects. But trust me, it all still looked like a Joke to me.

I still thought it just has happened, and I will get through it with no efforts. Wrong! Very Wrong! And, now to my Surprise, the Second Semester was worse. I was detained in 3 and Failed in 2 Subjects out of the 10. Terrible, right? That is how it is, and that is How I was.

But, anyway, I had still managed to get into the second year. The third Semester had begun now, and all I knew was that I can’t fail anymore.

The DTU’s Cloud2Shout had to Happen!

So, 2 days into the Second year, I started feeling I need to find an Interest. Something, apart from the College, and Studies, which would be different from it, would catch my interest, and still would compel me to study. The terms of this combination were so very weird, but I sure needed an interest as that.

A thought suddenly hits my mind. Why not create a Website? A senior (Blogging Senior, not College Senior), and my now Mentor had a website. I knew it. This seemed to be a Good idea. Rs. 111 for the Domain name, and Rs. 1,198 for the Hosting Plan was all I needed. Well, it just came somehow, as the DTU’s Cloud2Shout had to happen.

I Bought the Domain Name: Cloud2Shout.Com in the Year 2014:-

So, I bought this domain name. Now, I actually had to understand how to set everything up on the WordPress. I alike most other students had heard of WordPress. Didn’t actually know what it is about. Still, thanks to my Mentor, and the Google, I created a blog with a good design, and just one friend of mine knew it.

Firstly for the first 2 days, the Site was live on the Primary Domain name Cloud2Shout.Com. But, I had ideas and plans for Expansion. I didn’t just want it to be about my College. I had NSIT too in Mind.

So, I created the DTU’s Cloud2Shout.

DTU’s Cloud2Shout: The new thing for the Batch of 2K17:-

Okay, I know it would be highly inappropriate and cocky of me to boast about it. Yes, I know it. But, it came as a surprise. No one knew I am the one who has Founded/Created the DTU’s Cloud2Shout. But, I couldn’t care less about it.

Well, on the website, all I used to do was gather everything about DTU (each and every possible thing), and Post it on to the Website. Then, I had joined several college groups on Facebook, with a secondary Fake Facebook account. And, the posts from the DTU’s Cloud2Shout Page used to be shared in all those groups.

These posts would include anything and everything, that would fall my ears. Be it our Homework, or be it any Event. All I knew was if it is in DTU, it has to be on the DTU’s Cloud2Shout.

And, the best part was that people had started talking about it. It was not just me who knew it. Within the first 2 months only, it started getting 500 Pageviews a Day. That was huge for me. I had just gotten into Blogging.

My Favourite Instance:-

Okay, so one Fame play incident of the DTU’s Cloud2Shout for me was the time when I with two of my classmates was going back home. So, we were on the Metro, both of them were sitting on different sides of mine and I was in the middle. The first one starts talking about the Homework, and the second one simply says, “DTU’s Cloud2Shout par dekhio, shaam tak mil jaega! (By evening it will be Live on DTU’s Cloud2Shout)”

This was a Batman kinda feeling for me. It might mean nothing to many, for me it was appreciation. And having failed 9 Subjects in my first year, Appreciation was never in my hopes. Instances like this had then become very normal for me. Nobody knew me as the Owner/Admin, so I could actually see them talk openly about it.

Time to Expand: We’re Hiring:-

What does a First/Second-year student expect from work at that time? Money? Appreciation?  Or just a Certificate and a Mention? The latter one wins all the time. The website hadn’t started making money yet, still, I knew it one day will. All I knew now was that I need to have a team. I can’t manage everything on my own. There are 15-Freaking Branches at DTU. And, on my own, I couldn’t manage mine either.

So, I created a Google Form, for accepting Applications from my College Mates. People started enrolling. I got around 20 Responses, 3 of which were my own friends, and 2 were First-year classmates. So, you see it really felt good. It might be a bit hard to admit, but I really should, that since the Day I failed miserably in 9 Subjects in my First year, I started fighting an unknown battle of my own. Friends used to appear devilish. They had reasons to laugh, yes. So, I was looking for approval. All the time. And This was my Approval. 3 Friends, and 2 Ex-Classmates who had reasons to laugh, and sure had a laugh at me, they wanted to Join me. Sorry people, It had to be this way.

Lol, anyway apart from being a Kid, I was modest. I still didn’t let anyone of them know that I am the Founder. I made them believe I too am just like them, and we are all being administered by somebody else. (Lol, I seriously feel giggles, when I think how it was all becoming such a Mystery about just one Website).

Anyway, Now I had 5 people on my Team and by the time I saw one of them had become a really good friend of mine, I told him. “DTU’s Cloud2Shout is Mine”Kudos to Nishant Aneja, if he is reading this. So, after a Ton of questions from him, about how is this possible, and How can I be the Founder, we were 2 as Partners, and 6 as a Team.

But soon I realized, it was just me and Nishant working towards the betterment (because we were unprofessional and had no experiences of making/managing a team). So, even after failing as a team, we went well as partners. And, now I saw some results.

A Mention from the IIT Kharagpur website:-

Soon as I came to know about this thing named Backlinks, I started asking Ashutosh Sir (my mentor), about how to build more. Well, all he told then was get more content first. Made sense. Anyway, then I asked him for Ads. Being the Gentle most person, that he is, he offered to place his Google Adsense Codes, on my website, so he would pay me whatever amount my site makes his ads. $25. I made my first $25 with DTU’s Cloud2Shout.

This was a moment to celebrate for me. This meant a lot. I don’t think many of you will relate with failing in 9 Subjects in the First year, after getting into a College as decent as DTU, and then building something looking for hopes to do better with studies. Lol, it was all pretty fucked up. I know. My parents never got to know about these Backlogs. They hadn’t to obviously. Anyway, this is the Mention that I got from the website.

No idea why, but they had mentioned a post of mine about our Fest. See, I know I had little to no competition at all. I didn’t have to compete with many people but I hadn’t either worked much in that direction. My website’s First backlink came from the IIT Kharagpur’s website. That was huge. It meant a lot to me.

Obviously, the Journey had just started. All of this had happened between August and December only. So, you see in a span of just 5 Months, with all the hard work that I gave to the DTU’s Cloud2Shout, results were good. Good enough to at least motivate me to do more. Dig more. Dig Deep, and never to Give up.

Even today, I work hard. Saying that I have become a Multi-Millionaire or an Inspirational Figure will be a pure lie, but I have learned things. I know how to Blog. I have focused on it, worked hard for it, and yes I am growing. Every Day, every moment, with Hard work, and Dedication.

Comeback of Cloud2Shout.Com:-

Don’t ask a lot right now. You will get to know it all. Just stay in touch via this Place. This is the place, where you can find me every day. I will share a lot here. This was How my Blogging Journey had started. Next, I will write about How it went ahead. And, yes I will share How you can do it too. Everything will be up here. Just stay connected.

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