Event Blogging: Easy Money or Misconception?

07. December 2017 Blogging 0
Event Blogging: Easy Money or Misconception?

Event Blogging: Easy Money or Misconception? Blogging has been the best part of my life, and no doubt I have always loved to do it. I have tried doing various things looking for a way to make money. This all began in the year 2013 when I was in my first year of College Education. It was already December, my Exams were over and now was the time to have fun. With little or no money (My Pocket money has always been depending on the days I go to college. Unfortunately, in December, I had no College). Anyway, all I could do was think at that time. Still, two of my school seniors invited me to the McDonalds, Dilshad Garden, on a Chilly morning. It was about Referal Marketing, and I started. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my cup of tea, and to an extent, I failed there.

But, the best thing happened. I met people who were Blogging. You remember, me mentioning my Senior/Mentor, Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Gupta, in the previous Blog Post? This is How I met him.

Anyway, as I told in the Post about DTU’s Cloud2Shout in August Blogging Started. I worked on DTU’s C2S, until December End. By now I had parted ways completely from the Referal Marketing Shot, which I once found interesting. The good news was, so had my mentor.

November 28th, 2014: Post Thanksgiving!

Okay, let me start off on the Night of 27th November. It was Thanksgiving in the USA. Many of you too might know, it is a Huge Event for the Americans. Before this day, I had no idea about Event Blogging. It seemed unexistent to me. I still remember asking Ashutosh sir, about something, relating to DTU’s C2S, and I remember him telling me to forget that, and look at what he had to show me.

It was a screenshot of his Google Adsense Revenue, FOR THAT DAY! It was at 9 PM in the Night, and it said $720.16. What would you do in a case like that? Run to Google for the Conversion rates, right? I did that too. Rs. 44,505, This is what it said. Surprised, Amazed, and Keen to know How to Do it. That is all How I was at that very moment.

And, then he asked me “Kaam karoge?” (Will you work?). Still in the second year, with around 7 Backlogs left, I couldn’t be happier. I said Yes with all my excitement.

He invited me to meet him at the McDonalds, Dilshad Garden. Seemed like a recap, but with a better start, with better hopes, and with better goals. It was 28th. He asked me How was I feeling after looking at the Screenshots, and all I could say was never knew this was possible.

He chuckled and showed another Screenshot, saying $1,608. That was the amount they had made on the whole Day of the Thanksgiving. EVENT BLOGGING WAS A BIG THING, now I had known.

Anyway, the next was Christmas and New Year, and we were three in the team. We didn’t even assign ourselves a name. Maybe that was too childish for them to do. I was just 19, they were already 23 (Sorry, sir :P).

So, yes, in our team of 3, we had definite shares. Mine was 20% (their gratitude being the reason), and both the seniors (seniority, and their knowledge, being the reason) had to have 40-40% each. I was happy, and couldn’t wait to start. Well, they didn’t make me wait either.

Soon, as I reached Home, I had a list of the Articles that I had to write, and the rest of the work had to come after that.

From 1 a Day to 5 in a Half: That accelerated Quick, right? Wrong!

I used to type articles on my keyboard for DTU’s C2S, as well. But, it didn’t need a lot of speed. While now I had to have good speed. Starting off with an article a day, I reached to 10. It took me about 4 months to reach there. But, it happened. And now are the times, when I need not look at the Keyboard, to type on the Keyboard (Flaunting, yes).

For Christmas, and New Year, what I did was wrote SEO Friendly Articles (You need to learn SEO Copywriting for that), and then share those on Web 2.0 Sites. That is how I used to manage the Basic On Page and Off Page SEO of our Websites. The rest is what Ashutosh Sir, and Shobhit Sir managed. The work for Christmas was all done by 20th December, and by 25th for the New Year. Now was the Time for results. Frankly speaking, we had higher hopes. But sadly, Google, as every year around the Christmas brought in Newer Search Algorithms, and most of our Hard work went in vain. Not that we made 0. Our Christmas revenue was around $470. But, to be divided in a share of 20-40-40, it was not a lot. We made an amount near to it for the New Year as well. The Update had to hit really hard when I had to begin it, right?

The same algorithm changes lasted for longer than we thought. Kinda forever. It took us some time to register this one and update our knowledge. Anyway, by the Valentines Day, we were on a good track already. In the year 2015, I made anywhere between a $100 to $150, every month until September came. September was Huge! Huge! SO Freaking HUGE! I will have to write another one for that especially.

Still, excluding September, we made around 500 USD each month as a team, in the Year 2015. I had a 20% out of it, and the others had a 40-40 % share, as I already told. It was good. But, it kinda started breaking in 2016. The thing was time, I had more backlogs to cope with, and yes I couldn’t give my best. On the other hand, the other Teamies had to have a stable Setup for Blogging now. For me to be a partner in that, I would have to visit the place every day, as them. Too tough, right?

It had to end in March 2016 after the St. Patrick’s Day on 17th of that month. But, the best thing, I learned a lot. Too much for me. I knew what I had to do, and I was just 20 by now. I just knew what I had to do, with all the passion, and all the dedication! I stuck to it, and here I am at the End of 2017. Welcoming 2018, with all my love for Blogging, as it always was here.

In the end, I would just say, stay in touch. I had a few goals, that I worked hard for. I achieved some, I failed in some. I never game up, and that is How I wanted it to be like. I will share a lot about Blogging, How I did it, How you can do it too, and about some of my own best Successful Blogs. Just stay in touch!

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